The Super 1-2-3 Boltless Shelving System is best described as a storage system rather than shelving and/or racking. The innovative design allows for diverse configurations which combined with some really clever add-ons and attachments ensure that this system will suit all applications.

The products are completely boltless, interchangeable and extendable. They have been developed and produced with the aim of resolving challenges associated with the storage of goods in both standard applications or tiered structures (Mezzanine floor) with heights up to 5 meters can be created from the Super3 series with all the protection and safety elements required by current standards. The System offers bay heights from 1972mm (2m) to 5000m (5m), with shelf depths from 320mm to 800mm. Shelves carry loads up to 530kg per shelf level, to a maximum bay loading of 3600kg. The live carton flow depths operate from 359mm to 4022mm depths. The Shelving System is strong, robust and easy to assemble. Enabling the user to reconfigure their storage space and applications to suit all seasonal needs. With the System being manufactured from galvanised High tensile steel in accordance with EN10204 standards ensures the durability and long life of the product and ease of inspection.

Super 1-2-3 Boltless Shelving System is a very versatile product and is well suited for Industrial, Retail, Archive and Domestic applications with an array of accessories offering total flexibility, easy to install, and allowing quick switch components for change of applications. Adapting itself to a multitude of applications such as; spare parts, tyre storage for the automotive industry, hung garment storage for the fashion industry and small parts stores, for goods ranging from plumbing to electrical items. Thanks to its attractive design, the Shelving System series is also suited to areas which are open to the public such as both front of house Retail and stock room environments. Within an office environment the shelving can be used as book cases, or you can add wheeled chassis and tracks to build your own document archive storage units that ensure effective data protection of essential client or accounting documentation. Where space is an issue the Super 1-2-3 boltless shelving system can be used as a multitier racking and working structure providing both storage and working space taking advantage of the height in your building. The structures are solid and can be open or closed spaces with aisle spans of up to 1.8m.

The Super 1-2-3 Boltless Shelving System offers galvanised metal, plastic or recessed chipboard to best suit your application requirements. Further the system can include carton flow options. The Carton flow systems used hard wearing nylon rollers in the tracks and uses carton guides to prevent jams and interruptions to live storage flow. The Shelving System is also suited particularly well to garment hanging requirements. The use of attractive internal and external hanging rails allows for space maximisation for stock room applications and maximum garment display for retail shop floor. When you need to configure the display to handle folded clothing items, simply remove the hanging rails and insert shelving levels to provide you with extra space for stacks of folded garments or you can incorporate hanging rails and shelving levels in the same bay. This flexibility ensures that you always have the right type and amount of display space to suit every seasonal need.

The Super 1-2-3 Boltless Shelving System is effective in a range of environments, the galvanised high tensile steel can be used outside, in industrial applications and when used with the perforated frost proof plastic shelving units it can be used in chill store and cold store applications down to -30oC. The easy clean nature makes it an ideal cold storage solution.


  • Individual Shelving loads up to 530kg
  • Bay loadings up to 3600kg
  • High quality hardwearing long life system
  • It comes in a configuration that will optimise your use of space
  • It’s a boltless easy to assemble no power tools necessary to assemble
  • It’s a cost effective product with solutions to suit every budget
  • A large range of attachments to suit diverse applications

Flexible stock room and retail shop floor garment solutions for all seasons Free standing multitier systems maximising space and providing mezzanine work areas.