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TS-3 LONG SPAN shelving series have been achieved by Metalsistem to suit the needs, for manually handled products within high capacity storage applications. The system is a manual picking solution fully compatible with the SUPER 4-5-6 series from which it has been derived from. The selection of beam options that are available for the system can satisfy a wide range of load bearing capacities, beam lengths, bay depths.

A wide array of shelving accessories, are also available to customise each installation.

All TS-3 LONG SPAN components are fully galvanised; the zinc protection is present both on the exposed surfaces and internal faces of the product, thus guaranteeing durability and a long life. The upright is ridged, compact, structurally very efficient, without sharp edges and, as it is a closed profile, free from problems associated with dust accumulation. The 70 mm and 106 mm high beam profiles, fully compatible with the Metalsistem’s range of shelf panels, produce an array of varying load bearing capacity options. Refined shelf height adjustments are possible with the 33mm pitch of the upright, allowing storage volumes to be optimised. Thanks to the patented connection system beam levels can be easily adjusted as storage requirements evolve.

The TS-3 LONG SPAN racking series is made from certified, prime quality, high tensile steel, in accordance with EN10204 standards and the 3.1 certificate, which has been accredited by the TUV The German quality standards body who are recognised as the premier standards setting body in Europe.

The TS-3 LONG SPAN racking series is fully customisable with the addition of Carton flow options which allow the smooth flow of storage boxes and cartoons in tracks of varying widths. The use of high quality greaseless nylon rollers reduce the friction, reduce maintenance requirements and increase effectiveness of carton flow. The use of carton guides reduces the risk of snagging and ensuring the effective delivery of cartons to the front of the system. Systems requiring effective stock rotation management can be rear loaded to ensure a guaranteed first in first out solution for every product line. Carton flow options provide tracks that range from 360mm to 4000mm tracks with variable pitch options to suit the weight of individual cartons.

The racking system can be integrated into a freestanding mezzanine floor structure if required to provide additional picking levels or working space to maximise the use of your building height.


  • Maximum use of space
  • Versatile can be used in many applications
  • Strength, a robust storage solution
  • An optimal system for medium/heavy duty manual storage solutions for loose or packed items
  • Accessible shelves for speed of loading and retrieval
  • Multi-tiering options using elevated walkways can increase space utilisation of your facility

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