Our aim at Racking Storage & Solutions Ltd is to provide you with affordable and reliable pallet racking solutions for your business or personal requirements. We are pleased to say that with the Metalsistem’s systems we have, available we can easily achieve this for you.

Thanks to the innovative features of Metalsistem’s design, you can have a low cost storage solution. We offer a range of Palletised racking which includes Pallet, Push Back and Cantilever systems. To-date we have supplied out pallet racking to a range of business sectors, from industrial through to retail (shop fitting solutions).

The Metalsistem’s pallet racking solutions we supply are made from high tensile steel, certified according to EN 10204 3.1, providing either standard or tailor made solutions for warehouse fit outs. We are here to provide you with the pallet racking solutions you need bespoke to your business.


  • Superbuild – The Superbuild series has been developed specifically for heavy loads. With fully compatibility with the Unibuid series, the superbuild series comes in 3 variants with load bearing capabilities ranging from 7.2 to 15 tons.
  • Unibuild – If you want a solution that brings together all of the qualities of the Metalsistem’s products then Unibuild is the perfect choice for you.
  • Superbo – The Superbo 4-5-6 is interchangeable with the Superbuild and Unibuld heavy duty racking series. The Superbo series will satisfy all requirements for both medium and heavy duty pallet storage.
  • Unicant – As far as heavy duty Cantilever systems go, you won’t regret opting for the Unicant system that we have available for your pallet requirements.

We fully appreciate that knowing which Pallet Racking solution is the right option for you may seem like a daunting and confusing task. Help is most certainly at hand from our team. Once we have a full understanding of your requirements we can advise on the best system for you.

If you would like more information about the pallet racking solutions we have available or you would like a bespoke quote, please call us on 0845 862 8662. Our team will be more than happy to assist you further.

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