SIDAC’s distinctively creative structures and systems represent a hallmark of the “made in Italy” tradition of functional, versatile and stylish design applied to sales points of varying dimensions up to large scale distribution. SIDAC competently designs and creates environments with attention to detail, using material of certified quality, guaranteeing maximum equipment reliability while maximising sales area potential.

GEOCLASS is an incredibly innovative checkout barrier project developed over years of study and investment. Presented in 1993, it obtained huge market response with the GEOMETRICA model acclaimed for its advanced design logic.

The checkouts range is extensive and includes the GEO BASIC, GEO BOX, GEO METRIC, GEO STAR and GEO STATIC checkout models ensuring that we have an effective solution that’s suits your application and budget.

The checkouts built from the highest quality materials for long life have been designed with effective rubber bumpers and kick boards to protect from trolley impacts and knocks the hardwearing materials continue to look good after years of use.

All our checkout counters are ergonomically designed for the comfort of the operator. Protecting from drafts, and providing ideal body positioning when handling heavy items.

The counter can be personalised with specific EPOS equipment. Accessories such as; cash drawers, removable tills, openings, sliding doors, shutters, demagnetiser trays, and scales can all be configured to meet your exact needs.

Additionally to the wide range of GEOCLASS checkout counters a new “MULTI EXPO” counter has been developed that flexibly covers varying needs and requirements, depending on the type of store.

This counter easily transforms into an information counter within a large sales surface, a DIY superstore checkout counter, a service counter within fashion stores, etc. Further most of our checkout work well with a range of point of sale merchandising equipment.

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