SIDAC Retail shelving solutions are ideal for a modern, clean looking retail space. The component construction lends itself to installations of any size that suit diverse product displays. Our competitive pricing strategy offers you the retail space you want, for a price you will like.

Racking and Storage Solutions provides complete store interiors with its SIDAC brand, creating unique and imaginative retail environments that are both functional and attractive, and our Super 123 brand providing supporting stock room solutions.

The SIDAC brand is positioned in the sales area segment of the market offering a wide range of advanced solutions destined to anything from small sales outlets to large hypermarkets. From a wide range of professional display equipment aimed at exhibiting countless product categories to checkout counters, all facets are scrutinised to enhance choice, encourage purchase and facilitate payment; solutions for attractive and functional sales areas.

The retail shelving options have

  • versatile and elegant accessories
  • quality finishes
  • innovative interior design concepts
  • spectacular environments supported by lighting systems developed to highlight every article
  • materials of certified quality
  • robust structures in areas dedicated to heavy duty and bulky items
  • a wide range of display shelving and back panels developed for wide ranging display needs

No detail is overlooked to guarantee maximum reliability of the equipment and the most efficient utilisation of any sales area.

Our planning teams work with you to achieve the very best utilisation of available space, plotting out your retail shelving, wall bays, promotional ends and free standing gondolas with a view to both volumes, capacity, and diversity of products on display balanced with the presentation to customers in order to obtain utmost performance data of each sales point and retail area of your shop.

The SIDAC brand has been built on the concept of flexible design configuration so the retail space can be quickly reconfigured to meet seasonal variations. The range of accessories for bespoke retail solutions are extensive with innovations in all types of retail. If you have a product, then we have a retail shelving solution to suit you.

Our extensive range of bespoke trollies improves your replenishment processes by enabling you to move from stock room to retail shelf quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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